How We Got Started

In 1998 I became drawn to and familiar with these two African symbols the Gye Nyame (Adinkra) and Ankh (Khemtic). At the time I knew nothing about sewing. My supervisor at work was a bit of a seamstress, I asked her what is that shinny design of thread that people sew with she responded zig zag I said ok, at that point pieces were forming together that I did not even realize. My supervisor told me that she had a old sewing machine she was not using any more and I could have it because she had just purchased a new one with several design stitches. One day after work I was casually walking downtown and  went into the dollar store and found some canvas tote bags with some writing on both sides, I told myself what if I could sew a symbol on each side, but I had to sew the symbol on a square piece of fabric first to cover the writing and then sew the square on both sides of the bag. I purchase a bag went home to practice to see if what I had envisioned could come to life.  Presto just like that I had symbols on both sides of the bag, so then I said well I don't know how to sew bags, how can this work for me. So I prayed and asked to be given the perfect item I could sew the symbols upon and hence Towels were revealed to me.


In most traditional cultures, the value of “art lies in its use. So in many  ways, Nyemay is a traditionalist. As founder and head designer for Nyemay’s  Collectables, she creates functional fine art. Pushing the bounds of creativity
and education, the collection is distinctive because of its symbolism. Spoken  like a true old soul, Nyemay hopes to ‘reconnect Africans throughout the  diaspora with their collective culture’. Nyemay uses both Adinkra and Khemetic  symbols to inform her clients, while beautifying their environments. Embroidery  is the paintbrush. Bath towels, baby bibs. and hooded sweatshirts work as canvas. Nyemay Collectables make the mundane meaningful,   the everyday  —extraordinary.

 Though the business began as a staple on the Brooklyn street festival scene,  it promptly grew into a custom-order enterprise with products placed in New  York’s most eclectic boutiques. And while widely regarded as the world’s fashion  capital, the gritty grind of the big apple can wear on one’s spirit. With that  said, Nyemay took a leap into the unknown — she relocated to Atlanta, Ga.  Reenergized by the warm weather, southern hospitality, and natural beauty,  Nyemay’s Collectables is bringing cultured couture and home decor to a fresh  market. With the addition of aprons, pillow cases, placemats and crotched  scarves & baby blankets, this spirited collection is poised for